I Needed The Older Rolex Replica UK


I got my watch. But I have a problem. I can not adjust the watch. I tried everything but nothing worked. How you can help me with that.

I keep having problem with this Rolex replica watches UK. I was happy to get watch like that but now it came a part from cord side. I wanna return this to you. I want another watch which is more durable. I will purchase another one but I want to return this one asap.

I understand what you mean. But I can not even use the watch. I mean it came parts. How you want me to take a better decision? You do exchange? I can pay the difference if I will like more expensive one. I can take a picture and send it to you. I know it’s replica but I didn’t expect it to be broken after three days I started wear it. How you can help me with that?

I received the order on Saturday morning. I have a problem though, you have sent the wrong item! I ordered the older submariner model, not the new bracelet type. There were two models of submariner with date in black on the website and I needed the older replica watches UK specifically.

Can I please return the item?

I see the item has arrived at UK sorting office, but I still haven’t had delivery and when checking on the tracking number it still says at the sorting office.

Do you usually have this problem they have now had it for 15 days, do you think there is a problem or could this have been seized by customs.

Can you do any checks for me.

I just received my Rolex replica UK in the mail today and I am very disappointed with the overall aesthetics. It does not resemble the description photos, which I was told was told they were the exact same. The green bezel is far darker and the clasp is totally different than the photo and true Rolex. I feel that you are dishonest with your product descriptions, which is a let down.

Cancel The Order For Replica Watches UK


I’m a bit annoyed to have received a Rolex day date with a diamond bezel today, as I emailed you the morning after purchasing the  , as I hadn’t realized it was a man’s watch. It’s far too large for my wife, and I’m not gay.

So please could I return the watch back to you,and reimburse my credit card for the full amount. Please could you email back to tell me what I have to do?

The quality of your service is not excellent.

I’m obviously stuck with this replica watches sale that you sent me. I would never recommend you thriving people to anyone.

The thing where you go so wrong is that I’ve actually bought three watches from another site, because they were so serious and professional. Always emailed all the way through.

You’ve lost out as I would have reordered from you. But because you’ve basically robbed me of my money, and still sent out the Rolex replica watches that I canceled, you lost my business.

Very disappointed. Really thought you’d get back to me. I’m a very honest person. I expect others to be the same. Clearly other people aren’t like me.

They Don’t Repair Replica Watches UK


Unfortunately I live in a rural area, and there are no small watch repair shops close to me. The only shop near to me is Timpson’s which is a nationwide company and as a matter of policy they don’t repair replica watches UK.

As I don’t know if I will buy a watch again soon, in this instance I would prefer a partial refund on my purchase. Please can you make an offer upon an amount.

I have received the replica watches sale I purchased from you but I can’t say I’m happy at all, the frame is all loose and there seems to be something inside the watch what has broken as it makes a sound every time is moved. I would be grateful if I could get my money back as this is not worth what I’ve payed.

Please use the watch box. You never sent it in the box, all you sent was the watch only without Rolex box. I am very sure this was the main problem, ask your shipper, they will tell you the same. They never sent the Rolex replica UK in the box. It was just the watch in a loose bubble wrap. If you send the watch in the watch box, it would not break.

I Ordered This Replica Watches UK Last Month


I ordered this Rolex replica UK last month, firstly bought it from your site as you
said the quality was very good and I thought you were a UK based site. But firstly the quality is poor and the glass has a blue shine to it which makes the face of the watch look blue and not black, secondly the tag sign on the watch face is not in color like the watch I ordered! I paid more with your site than other sites but did this as I really thought I was getting a better replica watches sale. Really not happy so can I please get a replacement for a different model or a fast refund?

I have tried to contact your company on many occasions now as I ordered a watch from you and want a refund as the watch quality is terrible. I sent you my order number and you say it’s not from you! I have responded to your original email after I reviewed payment receipt! So it is from your site! I gave copied and pasted what you sent back! If I don’t receive a refund I will be contacting trading standards and will contact fraud team and UK customs! I bought the replica watches UK from you, I’m entitled to my money back and I would please like a refund! If you send me your address I am happy to send you back your watch. I have copied and pasted your order number you sent me once I paid for this watch!

The Watch Has Been Confiscated


I think this replica watches sale has been sitting at the EMS point in China for the last three days. When should it come to the states? Can you check on that for me?

I have tried for the last couple of days to find out why my watch is still in China I guess. I have contacted my bank and if I have not received my watch or any communication from you they will credit my act and put a dispute in with me cancelling the order.

The watch is stuck in customs in Chicago Illinois. If it does not get to me this week I will dispute the charge on my credit card.

I spoke with customs agent in Chicago this morning. He said the package has been confiscated as counterfeit or fake. Are you going to send another replica watches UK out or refund my money back. I have contacted bank and they said in two days they will contact me about refund.

This is the order and watch that has been confiscated by customs in Chicago. Don’t keep sending me tracking numbers, as the shipment is not going to get to me. So either send new Rolex replica watches or refund my card. Bank is disputing charges on this tracking number. This watch has been confiscated.

Are Your Watches The Same As The Pictures?


Maybe I’m interested in a few Rolex replica watches but I’m also wary that when you receive the payment I have hassle getting the watch. As I have previous requesting copy of passport and using third party bank facilities. I just want to buy, get what I paid for. That’s it.

If you can provide that service I may be a customer. Also I notice no telephone number and name that sets alarm bells ringing.

Thanks a lot for sending the tracking number and for checking the availability of so many replica watches UK.

Regarding the 96282 and the 36376 are you really sure?

Not long ago I ordered this watch from an other website on which there it is offered also several times with different numbers and different prices and what I received was not the pictured watch. It looked only a little similar but it is definitely no Swiss valjoux, the chronograph(start/stop) is not working and, what is the main problem, the housing does not look like on the pictures. Like the Paul Newman version, but like all modern Rolex replica UK with the bumps left and right of the crown!

How can I be sure that yours are really as pictured?

I think the other website has the same suppliers.

My Money Has Still Not Come Into My Account


Also I want to question why you were asking for a photo of my card when you already had the payment?

I am the card owner. I put this in when I placed the replica watches sale order.

Why do you need to know this?

And you still haven’t answered why you have asked for a copy of my card when you already had my money?

The visa security team said this was not correct and I will have to discuss it further when I have to call back if I don’t get my money back.

My Money has still not come into my account.
I have called my bank yesterday and they said it does not take 30 days it takes a maximum of 5 days and they have told me nothing is showing waiting to clear through.

You have taken my money and did not send me the Rolex replica watches.
They have said that if the money is not in my account by tomorrow which will be the 5th day I have got to call the visa fraud team as my money has basically been stolen from my account and visa fraud will have to take it further with you.

Further to my email yesterday, to which you did not reply, I am now contacting the Visa Security Team who will pass the matter to the Fraud Department and police as my money has basically been stolen from my account, as I said in my email yesterday I spoke with my bank and nothing is waiting to clear through to my account from you and they said it does not take 30 days it takes 5 days.

This is the second time you have told me to wait for a reply, and I don’t get replica watches UK from the seller, you are just trying to waste my time.

I Would Prefer To Receive My Watch


I paid for a watch nearly 8 weeks ago, it arrived and it was faulty, I contacted you who told me to return it. I did this at my expense and about 3 weeks later you told me it had arrived and you would send out a replacement.
Last email I got from you was on 19 Feb 2016 saying you would send me
tracking number for replacement watch. Still waiting, I have paid over Ł230 for a watch I do not have and nobody is replying to my email. If I do not get a reply with tracking number I will take this legal as this is a scam.

I am still waiting for my replacement replica watches UK (replica Rolex GMT Master with green bezel and black dial). Please can you send it immediately? You also said you would refund my shipping cost of £10.

Unfortunately, if I do not receive it soon I will need to take action to recover my payment for the watch, but I would prefer just to receive my watch!

I have not heard from you for some time. I would really like to receive the replacement watch that you promised.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t able to send the Rolex replica watches I will have to reclaim my payment from you via the credit card company. I would prefer not to do this, so please could you confirm that you will send me my replacement replica Rolex?


This Situation Took Too Long to Process


Thank you for your information. Unfortunately I choose two different type of replica watches UK. The first one you didn’t have in stock and the second one has the size problem and this situation took too long to process. So I do appreciated to credit back the £140 in to my credit card as soon as possible and please let me know when you will doing that.

Four months ago I purchase a replica watches sale Deepsea Sea Dweller, within 3 weeks the Winder Pulled out and now impossible to set the time or use.  My attempts for service have been ignored. On 23/01/16 I paid £231.87 TOBUY CO>LTD for a Rolax Submariner, to date has never been sent to me.  I also sent £232.70 to AL-TOBUY CO.LTD upon £04/02/16 that has also not been sent.  I appreciate your company have several clients under Cole Haan. I have just received my invoice from my Santander Bank and am shocked to note your company have taken almost £900 from an 83 year old pensioner on the bate State Pension.

My Third Request to Cancel The Order


I have sent several emails to you to try and resolve this matter. As you know I haven’t received my watch. I would like to be informed please.
It was all very smooth when I placed my order. My money was taken without a problem. The replica watches UK haven’t arrived and you are not addressing the fact that you have got £73 of mine. I don’t feel I am being unreasonable. If you take someones money then it is your responsibility to ensure that the goods are received.  This is effectively stealing. Please reply to me. I probably need to speak to the relevant Consumer Ombudsman about your operation and highlight the sharp maybe fraudulent practice by your website.
Can you sort this out please?

Your second response was one day later on 05 Feb, fifteen days after the order was placed.  I responded with my third request to cancel the order on 07 Feb.

On 13 Feb, six days later and twenty-one days after the order was placed, as I had not heard anything from you, I corresponded with you once more advising that I had not received your instructions regarding return of the faulty replica watches and credit to my account.  I clarified that if I did not receive same in a timely manner I would be taking further actions regarding the account.